Allie the Ellie is a character for young children (preschool).

Allie the Ellie is a curious and lovable female elephant. In unspoken short, funny animations, children can see how wonderful and magical Allie the Ellie’s world is. The episodes are full of funny sounds and humor. The design and audio in the Series, are very appealing to preschoolers, toddlers and babies, but hey… it’s actually fun for young ánd old!

Can be seen every day on the Dutch public broadcaster on TV at NPO Zappelin!

Behind the scenes

Allie the Ellie was created by Dutch designer Ellen Langendam (1976). Ellen was asked to supervise 3 students from Media College Amsterdam. Under her guidance, the talented students passed their animation exam. They focused on creation, theory and practice and brought Allie the Ellie to life with their animations. Ellen then made 10 scripts for the full series of 10 episodes. The series was well received by broadcasters.

The first series are broadcasted every day on Dutch TV at NPO Zappelin!

The 2nd series are also acquired by NPO Zappelin and can be seen on TV from the 7nd of June 2021.

Season 3 are in production.